Water well in Afghanistan

Medical Help is needed

The Challenge

Medical help is crucial for the poor people of Afghanistan due to the countrys limited access to healthcare services, which results from a combination of factors such as conflict, poverty, and limited infrastructure. The poor people of Afghanistan often lack access to basic medical care, leading to preventable illnesses, disabilities, and even death.

Our Response

Access to medical help can improve the health and wellbeing of these individuals, leading to a better quality of life. However, due to the financial burden of medical care and the limited resources available in Afghanistan, the country relies heavily on donations and sponsorships to provide essential medical services to its people. Therefore, it is crucial to have the help of donors and sponsors to provide the necessary medical aid to the poor people of Afghanistan.

In need of medical help

Treatment Teceived

In need of medical help

website maintenance 5% Fundraising CostsStaff in AfghanistanTo The Child / Family / Program Expenditure.80%

Where the money goes*

80% To The Child / Family / Program Expenditure.

10% to Staff in Afghanistan

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